1The yield of forest productLog production summaryTotal Log Production YTD 42,488 m3.
2Growth rates

Forest regeneration

Forest Condition
Summary of reassessment of PSP’s since the establishment

Species composition and no. of sapling recorded

Diameter distribution and forest quality
Pasin FMU is currently in the process of establishing 27 Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) based Permanent Sample Plot (PSP). As of January 2021, 59% of the FRA based PSP were established and preliminary analysis on the established PSP is still in progress.
3The composition of flora and faunaList of flora and fauna found in FMUFlora
Pre-harvest inventory is still in progress at Coupe 03AR. A new analysis and monitoring will be conducted after completion of the pre-harvest operation in Coupe 03AR. Composition of flora based on 2019 is as below.

Analysis conducted based on pre-harvest inventory in Coupe 01 AR and Coupe 02 AR. Total area assessed 8,598 ha.

Data for both coupes showed that dominancy of Diterocarpaceae family at an average 60% and 40% from non-Diterocarpaceae family.

Two (2) camera trap studies were conducted in Pasin FMU which involving wildlife monitoring at Apan Temukuh Coupe 01AR and pre-harvest faunal baseline monitoring at Coupe 03AR.

As at December 2020, total of 91 wildlife species were recorded. 34 species of mammals, 31 species of birds, 10 reptiles, 7 amphibians and 9 species of fish. 56.04% of the recorded species were listed as rare, threatened and endangered (RTE) species.
4Changes in flora and faunaNumber and abundance of species found in FMU and comparison between earlier and recent assessment.Flora 
As the pre-harvest operation is still in progress in Coupe 03AR, no new analysis on the change of flora was conducted in 2020. A new analysis will be conducted once the pre-harvest inventory in Coupe 03AR is complete.

Currently, monitoring result on change of fauna composition cannot be captured until at least 2nd monitoring data has been collected in 2021.
5Environmental Impacts of Forest OperationHarvesting Impact

EIA Approval term and condition
To date Pasin FMU has completed the assessment in Block 5, 12, 21, 35, 46, 59 and 64 of Coupe 01AR.

Logging damage average for the seven (7) blocks is recorded at 19.5% of the total assessed trees in the assessment plots. 60.7% of the alive stands has no damage recorded.

In 2020, all 1st – 4th quarter of environmental monitoring report for the Coupe 1AR had been produced by Ecosol Consultancy Sdn Bhd and not detected any major pollution effect from the sites.
6Social Impact of Forest OperationEvidence of FPIC and joint identification of special sites for native

Evidence of provision of CSR / Community services

Number of forest encroachment

Number of complaint, disputes and conflict encountered with directly affected native

Number of property damage
Consultation have been conducted with local communities at Rh. Selat, Rh. Jabu, Rh. Akang, Rh. Enggong, Rh. Ribut, Rh. Kawin, Rh. Selikau, Rh. Dagom and Rh. Ibi to verify the special sites and traditional knowledge.

YTD, the FMU has spent RM 54,970.30 for donation to longhouse, donation to school, maintenance of longhouse road and etc.

YTD, no forest encroachment recorded.

YTD, no complaint, disputes and conflict recorded.

YTD, no property damage recorded.
7Occupational Safety and HealthNumber of serious accident per annum

Number of minor accident per annum

Number of near-miss incident per annum
In 2020, only one (1) serious accident recorded. The incidents were reported to DOSH Sibu through JKKP6.

No minor or near miss accident reported.
8Cost of forest managementHarvesting cost per ha

Administration / overhead cost per ha
Cost of harvest RM 71.43/m3.

Average cost of administration RM1342.13/ha.
9The productivity of forest managementHarvested area per annumYTD total 1,714 ha had been harvested.
10Forest ProtectionThe number’s of forest encroachment per annum. YTD, no forest encroahment recorded.
11Efficiency of forest managementMachine productivity by contractor (production / machine hour, production / machine / month)

Total harvesting cost per m3 delivered to log yard.

Cost of enrichment planting per ha

Cost of road maintenance per km.
Excavator wincher
Tractor (skidder)
Logging truck

Average harvesting cost per m3 delivered to log pond is RM 290.93/m3.

Average of enrichment planting cost is RM 663.80.

The average cost of road maintenance RM 2,220/km.

(updated: 10 March 2021)