a) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The Pasin FMU has appointed an environmental consultant to prepare a new EIA based on the new consolidated and amalgamated forest timber license boundary which incorporates a portion of T/3346 Woodley Sdn Bhd. The work is based on the “Term of Reference” of the EIA study, approved by the NREB on March 2017. The final EIA report was approved by the NREB on 21st December 2017 with approval reference number (14)NREB/6-3/2F/92.

Pasin FMU committed to protect the environment through the implementation of mitigation measures to minimize risk and impacts of forest activities on pollution of watercourses, forest fire, carbon stock, climate change and conservation of biological diversity.

Environmental impacts may remain after mitigation measures have been implemented. Therefore, Pasin FMU has conducted series of monitoring such as monitoring of water quality, logging damages, soil erosion and sedimentation.

According to the general terms and conditions of the EIA Report Approval, the management of the Pasin FMU is required to submit Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR) to NREB once every three months upon commencement of the project to monitor the residual impacts.

b) Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

As for SIA report, Pasin FMU has commissioned an independent consultant to conduct the social evaluation through consultation on the social impact of forest operations directly affecting the communities. The SIA report was completed in 2019.

During the SIA study carried out by Ecosol Consultancy Sdn. Bhd., dialogues sessions with the affected local communities were organised. Based on the assessment, Pasin FMU and its adjacent area are currently inhabited by total of 112 settlements.

After continuous communication and consultation with local community leaders and CRC members, as of 2023, Pasin FMU has 119 settlements (54 settlements are located within FMU and 65 settlements are adjacent to FMU). The latest list of settlements can be found in table below.

Table: Community settlement within, and adjacent to the Pasin Forest Management Unit.

NoSettlementlocalityethinictysettlement location
1SapaiUpper Sg. KatibasIbanWithin FMU
2ApiUpper Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
3TaborUpper Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
4Cyril UsauUpper Sg. KatibasIbanAdjacent to FMU 
5SidiUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
6Jabu BraohUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
7SaUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
8KawinUpper Sg. KatibasIbanAdjacent to FMU
9SebomUpper Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
10JarumUpper Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
11SeritUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Within FMU
12GendangUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
13Matan Upper Sg. Katibas Iban Adjacent to FMU
14SelugoUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
15BajaUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
16AssanUpper Sg. KatibasIban Adjacent to FMU  
17NuguUpper Sg. KatibasIban Adjacent to FMU  
18Albert LajongUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
19MalongUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
20MelintangUpper Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
21PeterUpper Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
22RibutKatibas TengahIban  Adjacent to FMU
23Kawin LajaKatibas TengahIban  Adjacent to FMU
24SelikauUpper Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
25EnggongSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
26Kana BungkongSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
27AkangSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
28SiloSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
29NgelambongSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
30BadaSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
31GongSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
32LasinSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
33Jabu AngihSg. BangkitIban Within FMU
34AnthonySg. BangkitIban Within FMU
35Sebatian TambiNg. BangkitIban Within FMU
36KunyoSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
37DagomSg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
38IbiSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
39SangkarSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
40IjauSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
41KutakSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
42MatahariSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
43JugamSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
44JoshuaSg. KatibasIban Within FMU
45BangauSg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
46SenitSg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
47JayaSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
48AchauSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
49SibatSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
50GilbertSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
51MuntingSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
52RantaiSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
53MelayuSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
54Kana LanggaiSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
55LandunSg. TekaliyIban Within FMU
56KayaSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
57Philip BagolSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
58ChanggaiSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
59LucySg. TekalitIban Within FMU
60EndahSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
61EbinSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
62EnsamSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
63BarainSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
64JohnnySg. TekalitIban Within FMU
65LumpongSg. TekalitIban Within FMU
66DunggoSt. TekalitIban Within FMU
67BaganSg. MusahIban  Adjacent to FMU
68TagiSg. MusahIban  Adjacent to FMU
69Philip GeligaSg. MusahIban  Adjacent to FMU
70AnjanSg. MusahIban  Adjacent to FMU
71JapokSg. MusahIban  Adjacent to FMU
72GalanaLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
73GariLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
74GaringLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
75JalaLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
76NyangunLower Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
77MinahSg. Takan-Sg. KatibasIban Adjacent to FMU  
78SeritSg. Takan-Sg. KatibasIban Adjacent to FMU  
79GuntorSg. Takan-Sg. KatibasIban Adjacent to FMU  
80Zachius NyaluKatibas HilirIban Adjacent to FMU  
81BajieKatibas HilirIban  Adjacent to FMU
82WilKatibas HilirIban Within FMU
83SeligiKatibas HilirIban  Adjacent to FMU
84JaropLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
85Mohamad EdwinKatibas HilirIban  Adjacent to FMU
86Cecelia BunsuLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
87Edward MingguLower Sg. KatibasIban  Adjacent to FMU
88DelokLower Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
89LucasLower Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
90MengkanLower Sg. KatibasIban Within FMU
91Kpg Gelam/Kpg BaruSongMalay  Adjacent to FMU
92SaingSg. LajanIban  Adjacent to FMU
93SamiggatSg. LajanIban Within FMU
94KanyanSg. LajanIban  Adjacent to FMU
95Edward JabangBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
96MunduBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
97KelauBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
98KullehBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
99TanangBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
100Timothy AssonBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
101NyalaBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
102WanBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
103RamborBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
104RobertBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
105TatBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
106JampongBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
107UngkaBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
108BubutBatang RajangIban  Adjacent to FMU
109Lorie Batang Rajang Iban Adjacent to FMU
110Leo Batang Rajang Iban Adjacent to FMU
111Sana Batang Rajang Iban  Adjacent to FMU
112Mamat Batang Rajang Iban Adjacent to FMU
113SerjinJalan Kapit-Song Iban Adjacent to FMU
114BilongSg. YongIban Adjacent to FMU
115MemalohSg. YongIban  Adjacent to FMU
116LapikSg. YongIban  Adjacent to FMU
117JandokSg. YongIban Adjacent to FMU  
118UntangSg. YongIban  Adjacent to FMU
119William Sg. Yong Iban Adjacent to FMU

c) Social Harvesting Impact

Malaysian Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management Indicator 8.1.2 requires the FMU to identify and implement appropriate monitoring procedures, in accordance with the scale and intensity of the forest management operations, for assessing social impact harvesting. The monitoring will determine the impact of harvesting operations on the affected community located within or adjacent to the FMU.

According to the SOP, social harvesting impact will be conducted in three (3) operational stages of every coupe as follows,

Pre-harvestUpon the approval of DP and PEC operations 1-4 by the Forest Department Sarawak (FDS)
HarvestingUpon the approval of PEC Operation 5 or during harvesting (felling and extraction)
Post-harvestUpon completion of the harvesting operation or expiry of the last PEC operation, 5

In 2023, the FMU has consulted the affected local community as below.

1.Rh. Chaggai, Rh. Philip, Rh. Kaya, Rh. Landun, Rh. Lucy, Rh. Endah08A, 10APre-harvest
2.Rh. Gilbert, Rh. Munting, Rh. Rantai, Rh. Melayu, Rh. Kana05AHarvest
3.Rh. Enggong, Rh. Akang04APost-harvest

Updated on 26 Mar 2024