Procedure to address grievances and complain raised by native or local community should be resolved at the local level or by the FMU managers. if an issue cannot be resolve at local level, only then shall the issue be brought to the Community Representative Committee (CRC) or Forest Management Certification Liaison Committee (FMULC).

Community Representative Committee (CRC)

Community Representatives Committee (CRC) is a partnership body comprising representatives of the local communities and the Pasin FMU, which aims to address the socio-economic matters, relative to sustainable forest management.  The establishment of the CRC is part of forest management practice to recognize the rights of indigenous and local communities.  The aim is to provide a platform for the indigenous and local community to raise their grievances. The main task CRC are as follows:

  1. To handle socio-economic issues related to the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and forest management certification (FMC) activities in the FMU.
  2. To promote conservation and community development in the FMU.
  3. To identify, plan and implement community development projects.
  4. To draw up and present proposals to the relevant Government Agencies to seek their assistance to implement viable community projects to improve the livelihood of the local people.  A case in point will be to request the Land & Survey Department to survey and mark the boundary of land under genuine NCR so that such land will be excluded from logging.
  5. To serve as a platform for the local communities to voice their grievances and to resolve issues/disputes through mutual trust and commitment by both parties. (Mitigation measure recommended in the EIA Report/SIA Report)

Forest Management Certification Liaison Committee (FMCLC)

Forest Management Certification Liaison Committee (FMCLC) is the forum where discussions can take place between stakeholders to discuss a matter of common interest, to foster relationships with communities, while facilitating communications with the management of the FMU, and the Sarawak Government.  In addition to regular communication channels between the committee and the Government and the FMU, the Liaison Committee should act as a committee to replace existing channels to commutate issues, and its members will decide the functions and operations of the Liaison Committee. The roles of the Forest Management Certification Liaison Committee are:

  1. A platform for general stakeholder consultation pertaining to FMU.
  2. To propose, discuss and implement community development projects for the FMU.
  3. To table the proposal, discuss findings, prepare a recommendation to the relevant department and implement decision pertaining to issues regarding the FMU.
  4. Request technical input and support from relevant Departments (FDS/SFC, District office, Medical and health, Agriculture, Land and survey, etc.)

To raise a complaint Please download Borang Aduan” hereĀ and return the completed form to FMU office or email to or

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